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Billets Families Needed for 2018-19 Season

The Calgary Mustangs are looking for families or individuals in the North West Area of Calgary who may be interested in billeting a player (or players) for the 2018-2019 season which runs from September to mid-March.

Each season the Mustangs roster includes several players from outside of Calgary. To allow these players to take full advantage of our hockey program they require housing assistance from families within the community to serve as billet families. The billet program also allows these young men to complete their high school educations, take college or university classes, and/or obtain part-time employment in the local community while pursuing the next step in their hockey careers.

Billet families are an integral part of the Mustangs organization and crucial to the success of our hockey program. As a billet family you play a very important role in the life of the player. By opening your home to a player or players you are providing them with a stable and secure home away from home. Players can be great role models for young family members to show what can be achieved with hard work and dedication.

Being a billet family can be a very rewarding experience. Strong bonds are often made between the player, his parents and the billet family, which often extend well into the future, after the player has moved on to the next level.

Expectations of the billet family

When a family volunteers to host a player they agree to provide room and board. Billets must be able to provide the player with his own room where they can have their privacy and a quiet place to study. Bedrooms must include a suitable bed, a desk for studying and a dresser and/or closet for personal items. Players also need access to laundry facilities, internet and television.

Hosting a player also includes providing nutritious food and healthy snacks. Hockey is a high intensity sport with stringent training both on and off the ice including both aerobic and strength training. These players will be participating in competitive training daily, consequently, these players may require more food than the average teenager. As a family, you would follow your normal routine for mealtime; however regular meals enjoyed together at set times is the preferred practice.

All potential billet families must undergo an in-house interview and provide a criminal record check for all people in the household over the age of 19. Prior to the assignment of a player to the home, a team official will visit the billet home to inspect the accommodation and discuss any concerns the family may have.


Billet families receive a monthly stipend to offset the cost of the player living in the billet home. In addition, billet families are provided 2 season passes to our 29 home games.

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If you are interested in becoming a billet and would like more information please contact Brock Balog with the Calgary Mustangs Junior Hockey Club at 403-807-6609 or by email at