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Meet Our Assistant Coach, Marian Gmitter

Marian Gmitter joined the Calgary Jr. A Mustangs coaching staff in June 2017 and brings with him a wealth of knowledge and education.

Marian grew up playing hockey in Slovakia where he played there until his junior level. As a 19 year old he went straight to the seniors men’s Semi-Pro team in HC-46 Bardejov (Slovakia). Marian came to Canada in 1996 and has been coaching ever since.

Marian has had many different hockey opportunities with the Calgary Royals Club and Hockey Alberta as well as other organizations over the last couple of seasons. He has been able to complete his Hockey Canada HP 1 coaching certification and has acquired a few championship cups with some of the different teams he has coached over the years. He acknowledges that his achievements can only be credited to the fantastic group of players, parents and supporters in the organizations he has worked with.

Marian started his coaching career as an assistant coach with the Bantam AA Calgary Royals. He then went on to coach at the Midget and Bantam levels for the Royals association. During that time he was an Esso Cup finalist and champion several times, as well, Marian was an assistant coach for the 2015 Alberta Cup South team and for the U16 top 80 prospects camp.

In 2016 Marian was the head coach for the Midget AA Calgary Royals. During this year he went on to win the Esso Cup, the league championship and was crowned the provincial champs! He was also the head coach for the 2016 Alberta Winter Games where his team won silver. Marian was also a scout for the Tri City Americans in the WHL.

Most recently Marian was the head coach for the Midget AAA Calgary Royals.

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